On Mother Beatriz Ruibal

With the death of my mother, just under two years ago, I decided to photograph her personal objects and details of her house, our house. In an obsessive fashion, I began to register images of the rooms of the house, as well as her personal effects, of the traces she had left behind. I wanted to make a record of the impact her passing away had left on me. Only after a great presence can Absence survive.

In this manner, the via cruces of grief and also the idea of love toward the mother figure within the contemporary creative process began. The first thing I did was re-group the pictures. At that time, I was interested in the final narrative point within the coexistence between these snapshots; I was interested as well in self-discovery, which sprang from the objects and the spaces we were. Later, I introduced texts as indicators of the experience the individual leaves, and I became involved in the creative process by generating a textile universe. Thus, my writings might seem to be embroidered in gold and silver.

This technique, previously reserved for women for their personal use at home, generates a dialog within the project and within contemporary creation with images of the objects.

Mother feeds off the relationship between the concepts of presence and absence, of loss and survival, in the framework of present-day creation. Inside this process, essential characteristics which have marked my work up to this point have reappeared, concepts which are very fascinating to me, and which take me back once again to previous projects such as  “365 days” (1996), the “Body’s Compass” (2000), “Hotel” (2009). Those works had previously brought together everything referring to the intimate and the personal, the public and the private, to the traces and remnants, to presence and absence.

It’s an homage to the relationship between the daily life of a woman and the condition of mother, the desire to perpetuate what is important to us, knowing full well that its nature is ephemeral.

Beatriz Ruibal, Madrid , June 2012

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