Undersea Poem (in progress)

  • Beatriz Ruibal
  • Beatriz Ruibal
  • Beatriz Ruibal
  • Beatriz Ruibal

HD / 16:9 / color / en proceso

I SIT DOWN, sea, to hear you.
Will you sit down, sea, to listen to me?

Rafael Alberti

It is a work in video. A frontal plane with fixed camera, a tour in the foreground, a succession of objects that fall into the water and disappear in slow motion. Objects that belong to the everyday world, a bed, a clock, a letter, a photo, a chair, a pendant, a table, a harp, a gun, a hat, an umbrella, a book, objects with stories that we do not see, but we can sense they cross this lit space as an expedition and its search. A visual poem through a dance of objects, texts and sound effects. The project speaks metaphorically of an introspection on the inner Sea, a settling of scores to the memory with the possibility to emerge with new answers. An inlet to the the sea dropping everything that no longer will serve us, or anything we cannot take with us on a final journey.
UNDERSEA POEM deals with wreck concepts, contemplation, ruin and the aesthetics of decay. 
The shipwreck always gives us the sensation of debacle, a tragedy that cannot be overcome. The shipwreck remains are like a wet paint of life that it´s gone, of someone, of something, a territory that is the ship and the lives of each of the passengers.

UNDERSEA POEM is an observation of our inner selves and the observer. A deeply poetic and mysterious sequence.

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