Beatriz Ruibal," Varasek Ediciones ", 2014. 20 X 24 cm., 66 fotografías y 128 páginas. Texts by Julio César Abad Vidal, Miguel Marinas, Ana Merino y Beatriz Ruibal . ISBN 978-84-942572-3-0. The extensive, intense project entitled Mother undertaken by Beatriz Ruibal after the death of her mother constitutes a memorable testimony to passion, to the affections caused by grief. The grouping, which includes various photographic series and two videos, was developed in its entirety in 2012, and affirms itself as an implicit and poetic portrait of the deceased through photo and video shots of her home and certain of her personal belongings.


‘MADRE’ is shortlisted for the The Best Photography Book of the Year at PHotoEspaña 2015. National Library of Spain, 11 jun - 30 Agost, 2015 Madrid
‘MADRE’ is shortlisted for the The Photobook Exhibition. Benaki Museum . 3 June – 26 July, 2015 Athens
Julio César Abad Vidal "On Mother, A Contemporary Elegy"
Sean O’Hagan at The Guardian "The woman who turned her grief for her mother into pictures."

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  • Beatriz Ruibal Madre
  • Beatriz Ruibal Madre
  • Beatriz Ruibal Madre
  • Beatriz Ruibal Madre

Carretera Central

Beatriz Ruibal, Ediciones Aldeasa, 2005. 24 x 27 cm, 102 photographs, 140 pages.Texts by Silvia Llanes, Santiago Olmo and Beatriz Ruibal. ISBN 84-8003-574-9. Carretera Central is a photographic travel journal compiled over several years, during which the author photographed the transformations of Cuba from a personal, intimate perspective.

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